Answering the Question “When Should I Buy My Prom Gown?”

‘Tis the season for when everything sparkles, glitters, and shines! When spirits are high and young people of our community are ready to celebrate!  That’s right, it is prom season!!! By the time the holidays are over and the new year has begun the thoughts of all high schoolers who have a prom in their near future is “What am I going to wear?” Then the process begins…

Do Some Homework

If you are shopping for a prom dress, you might start by looking online, scouring the websites of your favorite prom companies. You might start a Pinterest board and pin all your fabulous ideas. Or you might watch our Facebook page as we post all the incoming new gowns. (Don’t be a browser! Come in and try them on today!) Then a new question arises…When should I buy my prom gown? To us, the answer is easy! Purchase your gown immediately!

When to Buy & Why

There are so many reasons why it’s important to buy your prom gown as soon as you fall in love with it. Prom dress companies make a specific number of each gown per prom season and when they’re gone, they’re gone! So it’s important to be sure you get your dress as soon as you find “the one”.

Getting Your Dress From The Henry’s

At The Henry’s, we like to register your prom gown so we know which prom(s) you’re attending. That way we can do our best to prevent another attendee from buying the same one. After spending all that time to find your special gown, you want to be a stand out! Although we can’t stop someone from buying your gown, we very much encourage everyone choose their own special style. As the clock is ticking closer to prom time, we are trying to constantly update our spectacular prom inventory. We think it’s time for you to find your dynamite prom gown!

Don’t forget, when you buy your prom dress when The Henry’s, we keep a registry of dresses for each school so you’ll never be caught twinning at prom!