Our Predictions for 2019 Wedding Color Trends

Every year we get asked the same question: What colors will be the most popular for weddings this year? The color matching experts at Pantone announce the color of the year in December. The color of the year can influence fashion, home decor, and graphic design. This year the color announced was living coral. Although coral has been seen as a popular choice for bridesmaids, it is definitely not the trend that we see for 2019. I would put this year’s trends into two categories.

Our Predictions for This Year’s Popular Colors

First, a soft palette of neutrals. Organic shades seen in nature. Lovely shades of succulents and ethereal tones that would be quite fitting in a fairy garden or next to a gorgeous Maine lake. The next category of color would be the modern versions of classics. Navy will never go out of style, but companies are updating and softening the tone with the slightly lighter, brighter shade of sapphire. Wine is new and fresh with the hint of deep purple. Just as if you poured yourself a glass of merlot. And of course we can not forget the incredible emerald!  

These rich jewel tones are the new neutrals and now considered seasonless. These palettes are easily mixed, as they complement each so well. With all this being said, we always encourage customers to go by the colors that make them happy! Sometimes it’s that color that you have been dreaming about since you were little or the color that caught your eye on a paint chip. The color palette of your wedding should not be influenced by Pantone or by a bridal sales consultant but by the theme and color that you dream up for your beautiful wedding!