2020 Prom

We know what a challenge the last year has brought to us all. With the new year upon us, we are going through customer accounts with the goal of bringing last year’s sales to a close.

We understand every customer has a unique situation in regards to their beautiful dress. For the ongoing livelihood of our business, we need to resolve the status of these purchases. Currently, these dresses are safely stored in our boutique off our sales floor. Coincidentally, this is part of the challenge for us. In recognizing the cancellation of so many events, we took a more lenient approach to our standard policies, which for Prom purchases states that dresses be paid in full within 30 days of the original purchase and picked up by the original wear date. In a sense the dresses are in limbo, we have not returned any of these dresses to our sales floor to date, and they still have balances due. However, with the upcoming 2021 Prom season fast approaching we need these purchases to be brought to a close.

At present the following options are available to you

  1. You want to keep your dress – Great! Your dress is still in our storage, ready and waiting for you! We ask that the dress be paid in full no later than February 14, 2021. Failure to pay in full by this date will result in forfeiture of your dress and any down payments.
  2. You no longer want your dress – We understand this may be the case for some customers, particularly if you may have graduated. If this is the situation for you, please contact Dave at (207)947-0702 by February 14, 2021, to discuss options available to you. Failure to contact us by this date will result in forfeiture of your dress and any down payments.

We appreciate your attention to this matter.

The Henry’s Bridal Boutique